Call For Papers

There are a number of different ways in which you can present, publish and participate in an icMTE conference, whether in person or virtually.

icMTE is an exceptional network of individuals and institutions around the world that is dedicated to inspiring global collaborations. We are a trusted global academic organisation and publisher that is supported by some of the world’s finest universities, and enjoys active collaborations across academia, and the public sector. When you join an icMTE conference, you are joining more than 30,000 academics who have chosen to attend our events, and many thousands who have chosen icMTE to publish with, whether in Conference Proceedings or in our reviewed and indexed journals.

icMTE is an exceptional platform for the dissemination of your work, and our fully searchable Research Archive is made freely available online, attracting thousands of searches every single day, making it easier for your work to be seen and shared, and for it to have the highest possible level of impact.



Whether as an oral presenter attending the conference in person, or a virtual presenter attending the conference online, and whether as a standalone presenter or as a part of a panel or roundtable, the oral presentation, testing, and dissemination of our work is integral to the iterative and community processes that allow us both to challenge and develop our ideas, discover problems and solutions, and explore new research paths. It allows our work to find new audiences, and in them potential future contributors and collaborators.



IAFOR is a trusted and exceptional platform. We understand that you need to publish your work in order to meet the requirements of professional academic development, and to maintain currency in and across the disciplines(s) in which you work. As an academic organisation, we have a duty of care to you and to your work that assures you that accepted abstracts and papers are properly published and archived in our fully searchable online database. That extends to the beautiful presentation of your work online in indexed camera-ready conference proceedings, and with offprints of your article in pdf form sent directly to your inbox, and permanently online, shareable with colleagues and students around the world, allowing for you and your funders to ensure a wide a dissemination as possible.



Before embarking on any new conference, and beyond simple logistics questions, icMTE always asks itself the three essential questions: 1) can we add value to the local academic community through international engagement and exposure?; 2) can that local environment and centres of expertise add to the international conversation?; and 3) is this a place in which we can invest in long term collaborations and partnerships? Thus, you can be sure that when you are at an icMTE conference, the local academic community is a part of shaping the programme, ensuring the event addresses timely issues of both global and local concern.

People engage in conferences in very different ways and with very different goals in mind: these range from the obvious – opportunities to present and publish a paper – to the opportunity to find out more about the local context in a given conference location.

Conferences offer exceptional opportunities for professional and personal networking, in helping to build and nurture the relationships that are necessary to the successful partnerships necessary for the life academic. However, while some people are social butterflies and enjoy meeting with new people, others are not.