How to make BitTorrent download faster in simple steps

speed upp bittorrent download faster

Is your torrent download speed slow and you want to speed it up? Here, we have written a comprehensive guide that covers different aspects of torrent downloading. Using torrent clients is one of the most popular ways to share the files over the web. There are many as well. While there …

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Complete torrent tracker list for torrent download

torrent tracker list

Complete torrent tracker list for torrent download, torrent tracker list, torrent downloads faster, See how to configure BitTorrent download faster   udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp://� udp://� udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// …

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Configure Windows 10 after new installation

Windows 10 installation and configuration

Show desktop icons in Windows 10, Show My PC in Desktop, Configure Windows 10 after new installation, Turn OFF Windows 10 live tiles, Enable System Restore, Create System Restore Point, undo changes with System Restore, increase bandwidth on Windows 10 Home and Windows 10, Install the Latest Drivers, Adjust display settings, Essential Software, …

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Best Portfolio Website Examples (50 sample website)


50 of the Best Personal Website and Portfolio Examples in 2018 If you’re a student (or anyone, really) you need a website. It’s your chance to establish an online home base, impress recruiters, and provide something that will set you apart from the stacks of static resumes that everyone else …

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Control your Facebook privacy – Delete call logs and contacts

control facebook privacy

Control your Facebook privacy – Delete call logs and contacts collected by them all. How to De-Sync Facebook Contacts from Your Phonebook with an Android Smartphone and iPhone!!  Go to the below links  2. Delete all contacts, call history and logs Turn auto-sync off (Android Phone): Open the Facebook …

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Chrome has built in malware scanner, use it

Lots of malware tries to bog down your browser, but Google Chrome isn’t defenseless—on Windows there’s a built-in scanner called Cleanup. This software runs in the background periodically, but you can manually run a scan right now by heading to the URL chrome://settings/cleanup in your browser, or by going to Settings > …

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Secret plan, Facebook to build sattelite based internet

Facebook may soon join SpaceX and OneWeb in the rush to deliver Internet from orbit. A filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week revealed details of a multi-million dollar experimental satellite from a stealthy company called PointView Tech LLC. The satellite, named Athena, will deliver data 10 times faster than …

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