Xbox: More Rockstar Games are Coming Soon

GTA San Andreas and More Rockstar Games Coming To Xbox One Via Backwards Compatibility


Rockstar games, company behind the popular games like the Grand Theft Auto Series, Bully and more has announced a few games that are coming to the Xbox One family via the backwards compatibility program. Games like Bully, GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption are already available on Xbox One via this program.

Rockstar has announced three new games for the program including, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Rockstar presents Table Tennis and the popular GTA San Andreas. The company also said that the GTA San Andreas will be available in both Orignal Xbox and Xbox 360 versions.

The Xbox 360 version had better graphics, higher resolution and enhanced draw distance. All these games will be available on Xbox One starting 7th June 2018. You can download the game digitally and have instant access to all the games on your Xbox One console.

For people who have physical discs of these Xbox 360 or Xbox (San Andreas only) can also use the disc to download the game. “Both the original version and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition – which adds the iconic South Central area along with new vehicles, aftermarket parts, music and races – will be compatible on Xbox One,” announced Rockstar Games.


It is a great initiative by Microsoft and good to see developers supporting it. So if you are die-hard GTA San Andreas fan or any other Rockstar game fan and is bored of playing GTA 5. You can now play your favourite games on the console. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for latest tech news, deals, reviews and more.

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