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nCr mod m: For non-prime m <= 10^4 and n, r <= 10^5 – For n, r, m <= 10^9 and Squarefree nonprime m with small prime factors – For n, r <= 10^18 and m <= 10^6
Non-deterministic Primality Test (Fermat & Miler-Rabin, with a little talk of modular multiplication for mod > 10^9):
same cost all shortest path finding trick:
Dinitz algorithm for max flow in a graph:
Finding minimum window in a string with at least specific amount of specific letters:
Finding Subset From A Set With Maximum/Minimum Average
Topological Sorting (Kahn’s algorithm, can use priority queue for sorting by input order or other condition)
Mo’s Algorithm on trees
Centroid Decomposition: (couldn’t find any better writing, no explanation was satisfactory tbh ) Line sweeping ( standard Union of Rectangles problem nlogn solution):
Pillai’s Arithmetic Function aka Summation of GCD:
Game theory (Game theory basic + NIM + Grundy Number)
Categorize interesting problem
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