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Recent Trends

Recover When The World Breaks You!

We all break. The key is to become strong in the broken places. There is a line attributed to Ernest Hemingway — that the first draft of everything is shit — which, of all the beautiful things Hemingway has written, applies most powerfully to the ending of A Farewell to Arms. There are no fewer than …

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Secret plan, Facebook to build sattelite based internet

Facebook may soon join SpaceX and OneWeb in the rush to deliver Internet from orbit. A filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week revealed details of a multi-million dollar experimental satellite from a stealthy company called PointView Tech LLC. The satellite, named Athena, will deliver data 10 times faster than …

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Technology Trends That Will Transform Our World in 2018

The Year of Transition and Intelligence 2018

It is that time of the year again and 2017 is over before we knew it. The Year of Intelligence brought us a lot of progress and change; from over-hyped ICO’s to algorithms that created secret languages. As every year since 2012, I provide you with seven of the most important technology …

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