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Higher Study , Study in Abroad from Bangladesh

Professor S. S. Verma, PhD Doing a PhD Abroad 2015-04-25 09:20:13 A Doctor of Philosophy degree, abbreviated as PhD Degree, is the highest academic degree. It was formerly considered as a prerequisite for a professor’s position in a university. Over the years, the meaning of the term PhD has undergone …

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Download Instagram data from Data Download Tool

download Instagram data, export instagram data

After receiving a lot of backlash post the, Instagram has finally decided to follow Facebook’s footstep and it now allows users to download Instagram data from servers. Instagram users will be able to export their photos, videos, saved stories, profile information, comments, direct messages as well as likes and searches …

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Recover When The World Breaks You!

We all break. The key is to become strong in the broken places. There is a line attributed to Ernest Hemingway — that the first draft of everything is shit — which, of all the beautiful things Hemingway has written, applies most powerfully to the ending of A Farewell to Arms. There are no fewer than …

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