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When you work for a user experience design company for as long as I have, you start to notice the cyclical nature of industry trends. Just like fashion or art, what goes out of style inevitably resurfaces a few years down the road, only to become adopted by the mainstream, …

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Reverse Number C Program, Number Reversing in C programming

Reverse Number C Program, Number Reversing in C programming, Best way to reverse a number

Reverse Number C Program, Number Reversing in C programming, Best way to reverse a number #include <stdio.h> int main() { int n, reversedNumber = 0, remainder; printf("Enter an integer: "); scanf("%d", &n); while(n != 0) { remainder = n%10; reversedNumber = reversedNumber*10 + remainder; n /= 10; } printf("Reversed Number …

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Best Fashion Blog, Magazine WordPress Themes 2018

Best Fashion Blog, Magazine WordPress Themes, WordPress themes

There are lots of magazine WordPress themes available online but do you find any of it fit for your fashion blog? If not don’t worry here you will find some mind-blowing WordPress themes which are related to fashion, style, food, travel, sports, entertainment, and music etc. Why do we need a …

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Remove pub2srv malware from your OpenCart or WordPress Website

We’ve been watching a specific malware infection targeting OpenCart & WordPress websites for several months. It’s commonly referred to as the pub2srv malware infection which redirects your website visitors to other malicious domains like go.pub2srv[.]com, go.mobisla[.]com, go.oclaserver[.com] Remove pub2srv malware, pub2srv, solve pub2srv    Screenshot of WordPress user request help in the forum, Remove …

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Programming Resources Links

Programming Resources Links, Programming resources, useful programs links

Codechef’s resource compilation: Getting started with C++ STL: Extended Euclid: nCr mod m: For non-prime m <= 10^4 and n, r <= 10^5 – For n, r, m <= 10^9 and Squarefree nonprime m with small prime factors – For n, r <= …

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Best Portfolio Website Examples (50 sample website)


50 of the Best Personal Website and Portfolio Examples in 2018 If you’re a student (or anyone, really) you need a website. It’s your chance to establish an online home base, impress recruiters, and provide something that will set you apart from the stacks of static resumes that everyone else …

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Multicast Using Java Sockets

socket pogram

Java Socket APIs enable network communication where client-server communication can be established in three ways: one-to-one communication (client-server), one-to-all communication (broadcast), and one-to-many communication (multicast).   Basics: IPv4 uses 32-bit addressing and can be supported about 4.3 billion devices, IPv6 uses 64-bit addressing that can support about 3.4e104 devices! However, IPv4 is …

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