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Therapy for Cryptocurrency Addiction

Cryptocurrency Addiction

Do you obsessively watch the prices in CoinMarketCap all day long to trade in cryptocurrency – to an extent where you neglect other important things? Do you anxiously wait to buy the dips and sell the highs? Does the idea of taking a break from cryptocurrency trading annoy you? If the answer …

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Free up space installed Windows 10 after Update

Free Up Space tool after update, Free Up Space windows

Now, that you’ve installed Windows 10 April 2018 Update on your PC, it’s time to take advantage of the new features that have arrived as part of the update. The Settings app now includes an option called Free Up Space Now. If you’ve heard about the disk cleanup tool in Windows; it does …

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Increase battery life of Android phone

Increase Battery Life Of Android, save battery android, battery care android

How To Increase Battery Life Of Android (10 Methods) 2018 How To Increase Battery Life Of Android (10 Methods) 2018 How To Increase Battery Life Of Android (10 Methods) 2018 Today we are going to share three simple tricks that will help you increase your android’s battery life 2018. Move ahead …

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Oldest Animal Footprints Found on Earth

Oldest Animal Footprints, earliest animal fossil

  Scientists Discover Oldest Animal Footprints Found on Earth A rare animal print from the Edicaran era. NIGP An international team of scientists has discovered what they claim is the earliest animal fossil footprint on record. The tracks were created in mud up to 551 million years ago somewhere in …

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Social engineering and types of social engineering


You might have heard the word Social Engineering. But, what exactly is Social Engineering? What are the types of Social Engineering techniques? It can be assumed as a set of methods primarily intended by the people who want to hack other people or make them do some particular task to …

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