5 best new Android games from May 2018

10 best new Android games from May 2018!

Animal Super Squad

Price: $4.99


Animal Super Squad is a new adventure-platformer with some puzzle elements. You roll an animal through a course and physics takes over. The game features a variety of playable characters, a bunch of levels, and more. It’s a goofy game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There isn’t much else to say about it, really. It’s entertaining, occasionally funny, and it’s not a freemium game. You can get it for $4.99 with no additional in-app purchases or advertisements.


Still Here

Price: $3.99


Still Here is a fun little puzzle-adventure game with platformer elements. You play as Pip the alien (or two other playable characters). You then jump around, explore the world, solve puzzles, and befriend various NPCs. Each level has its own set of quests and the game has an actual story line to follow as well. We especially liked the graphics and simple game play mechanics. It’s not overly challenging, but it’s still entertaining and fun. The game goes for $3.99 with no in-app purchases or ads.


Sago Mini

Price: $3.99


Sago Mini Apartment is a new kids game. It features a variety of kid friendly mini games. You start in an apartment. Each floor has a different game to play. The games include counting games, hand-eye coordination games, music games, and more. It also packs in some cute characters, colorful graphics, and simple controls. It’s about on par with what we’d expect a kids game to be. It costs $2.99 with additional in-app purchases or ads, another good idea for a kids game.


Paladins Strik

Price: free


Paladins Strike is another new MOBA game. This one has shooter elements as well. You play five versus five battles with a selection of 15 champions. It’s the standard MOBA stuff. You capture points and beat your opponents. The game also features other game modes like Siege and Juggernaut. It helps keep things fresher for longer, but it all revolves around the same basic mechanics. The game had a rough start with bugs and small issues. They seem to have overcome these difficulties and people are enjoying the game quite a bit now.


Dungeon Hunter

Price: free

Dungeon Hunter Champions is the latest game in the popular series by Gameloft. This one is actually a MOBA. It features five versus five battles, online PvP, over 250 champions, guilds, leaderboards, and more. This distinguishes itself from others with a campaign mode as well. The game has a ton of content and it keeps you busy. There seems to be a small issue with bugs and crashes. Otherwise, people seem to like this one. It’s a freemium game, though, so do tread carefully.


If we missed any great new Android games, tell us about them in the comments!

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