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The Effect of Dream Market’s Fentanyl Ban

Analysis: The Effect of Dream Market’s Fentanyl Ban Dream Market initiated a ban on fentanyl and carfentanyl last month. What does this mean for the market’s user base? From time to time, darknet markets initiate bans on certain types of products depending on the preference of the admins after taking …

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Russia condemns US nuclear bomb plans

Moscow has condemned US military proposals to develop new, smaller atomic bombs mainly to deter any Russian use of nuclear weapons. Russia’s foreign minister called the move “confrontational”, and expressed “deep disappointment”. The proposals stem from concerns that Russia may see current US nuclear weapons as too big to be …

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If Dream Market Is Experiencing a DDoS

A few darknet markets, including some of the bigger ones, have recently experienced sporadic DDoS issues. According to verified sources, Dream Market is one of the sites affected and has been unreachable by its original URL. What to Do If Dream Market Is Experiencing a DDoS However, ever since the …

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Dream Market – Hot-pool of Scammers

The dark web is synonymous with fraud schemes and other forms of socially deviant crafts. Well-to-do tech pundits and the regular laypeople understand that darknet markets, hosted on the dark web, have become havens for criminals to undertake their activities under the veil of online anonymity. Darknet markets have been considered …

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France tourist places best sights in France

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Best tech ads of the last 35 years

A look back at the best tech ads of the last 35 years Last week the Association of Independent Commercial Producers announced the winners of its annual awards honoring the best moving image marketing of the year and Apple’s “Welcome Home” ad took home the prize for Advertising Excellence in the single commercial …

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How many minutes you spend on it! – Facebook prototypes tool

Are you ready for some scary numbers? After months of Mark Zuckerberg talking about how “Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits,” Facebook  is preparing to turn that commitment into a Time Well Spent product. Buried in Facebook’s Android app is an unreleased “Your Time on Facebook” feature. It …

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Increase laptop battery life

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How To Increase Battery Life of Laptop (Top 20 Ways) How To Increase Battery Life of Laptop (Top 20 Ways) How To Increase Battery Life of Laptop (Top 20 Ways). As we all know, our laptops don’t have all-day battery life, so it is a real struggle to manage our …

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